How to disassemble and install electric shavers?

- 2022-07-14-

Remove the blade of the hair electric shavers first, and then clean the hair inside (no hair between the two blades). After loading, add oil to the electric shavers before starting, and then adjust the screws on the side appropriately (this screw is a spring, change the elasticity will change the swing of the blade), so that the point is ready.


1. First of all, we can see that all sides of the electric shavers's knife head are glued together. There is no need for screwdriver here, because the knife head is pressed in. Hold the electric shavers with both hands and place your thumbs on the edge of the blade.

2. Press two index fingers on the back of the blade. Two thumbs slightly push forward, index finger slightly push down, a sound, the blade comes off. Then clean it with the electric shavers's tiny brush.

Installation method is as follows:

1. Align the new barber head with the barber.

2, then push up hard.
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