How to choose electric shavers?

- 2022-06-29-

How to choose electric shavers? First of all, this article believes that we should not blindly follow the trend when choosing the type of electric shavers. We should choose the electric shavers that is really suitable for us according to our actual needs. This requires us to pay careful attention to their actual situation.

(1) If you have a thick beard and need to shave every day, you can use a reciprocating electric shavers
(2) If your beard is light and you don't shave very often, choose a rotary electric shavers with a large surface.
(3) For men with long, heavy beards, choose a three-blade or four-blade rotary electric shavers.

one more thing, as far as possible choose can dry wet dual use electric shavers. Because the knife head of electric shavers contacts skin directly, time grew unavoidably can cause damage to skin. So using a electric shaver after applying shaving foam can prevent the end of the knife from causing damage to the skin. Clean the electric shavers in time after using it. When cleaning a electric shavers, rinse with warm water after soaking, because the human face will inevitably produce oil. Oil stains on the tip accumulate over a long period of time, the blade will be blunt and easy to damage the skin, and the shaving will not be complete.
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