How to grind it if the hair clipper is not fast?

- 2022-06-29-

For the hair clipper, we are certainly not strange, it is a haircut tool. Nowadays, with the progress of science and technology, the electric push has entered many people's homes, and the electric push with a long time will not be fast,so a lot of people want to know how to grind it if the hair clipper is not fast? This article will help you out.

If the hair clipper is not fast, it is generally because the blade is blunt, and we need to grind it to restore its sharpness. First remove the blade of the hair clipper, and then square it on the stone, pour some salt water to grind, generally grind a few minutes can easily grind the blade. If you don't like the trouble, you can take the hair clipper blade to the repair shop to polish.

When sharpening the blade, you can clean up the hair clipper. You can clean up the hair and dust inside. After the blade is polished, the effect will be better when it is installed. When removing the blade, there is no need to exert too much force. Just in the front of the hair clipper push head and metal gap between the middle, find the convex side, and then up to pry can pry open.

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