Tips for shaving your dog

- 2022-06-16-

When raising a pet dog, it is very important for the pet beauty care, one of which is to shave the dog, many owners do not know how to cut the dog hair, today I will explain it to you how to use Dog Cat Clippers, let's have a look!

Note 1: Do not shave all the hair of the dog. When the owner uses the Dog Cat Clippers, it is necessary to pay attention to not shave all the hair of the dog. Although the dog can not talk, it also has a strong self-esteem, if they see their hair is not at all, looking very ugly, will become particularly depressed.

Note 2: Be careful with the blade. When shaving your dog's hair, you should be very careful with the blade. If you use it to shave your dog's hair, it will scratch your skin if you are not careful. After all, hair is very important to your dog, and don't shave it too short. If you leave only fragile skin, you can have other problems. 

Note 3: Keep warm when shaving in winter, especially for long-haired dogs. Dogs should pay attention to warm measures in winter, avoid catching a cold, cough, runny nose, and other respiratory symptoms.

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