The classification of the hair curling iron

- 2022-02-28-

1) According to different heating elements, hair curling iron can be divided into three categories, namely ceramic heating element, PTC heating element and heating wire heating element. The advantage of ceramic heating body is environmental protection and fast heating speed. It can reach 200 degrees in 1.5 minutes, but the disadvantage is that the overall cost of using ceramic heating body curler is about 30% higher than that of PTC or heating wire.

2) According to the different styles of curl forming, the hair curling iron is divided into straight rod and vertebral rod. Straight bar, that is, the diameter of the curling bar is the same from top to bottom, and the upper and lower patterns of the curled hair are consistent with the curl of the curled hair. The hair curler with conical cylinder can curl the hair into wavy curls with different sizes up and down. Hair curls can be from small to large, or from large to small, with many changes in hair style.

3) According to the way of use,hair curling iron can be divided into manual curler, semi-automatic curler and automatic curler. (see attached figure)

4) Precautions for using the hair curler because the heating parts of the hair curler are exposed, if you curl your hair at home, others should help you curl your hair and try to avoid curling your hair. If you are not careful, it is easy to cause scald. If you operate by yourself, you must choose the curler with clip. The curler without clip is not easy to operate. Clamp the tail of the hair with a clip, slowly roll it to the root of the hair, stay for 20 seconds and release it, and the hair roll can be formed Too long will damage the hair. The use of automatic hair curler can avoid scalding. The shell temperature of automatic hair curler generally will not exceed 60 degrees, and the heat dissipation is timely, and the handle temperature is lower. However, pay attention to align the reel with the hair to avoid pulling the hair improperly.