Using method and adjustment fault of electric push and shear

- 2021-10-11-

(1) If you trim long hair, it is best to cut long hair with manual scissors first, and then use electric scissors to repair
(2) Install and remove electric scissors, be sure to disconnect the power switch, otherwise, easy to be cut
(3) when the noise of the electric shear is large or the blade is violently vibrating, an ingot shaped screw next to the electric shear can be loosened back, and check whether the screw pressure blade is too loose, loose to properly tighten, but not too tight
(4) If the hair is rolled into three white paths, which means that there is a leakage of hair, which is caused by small or no vibration force. At this time, the ingot shaped screw on the electric shear side can be tightened a little.
(5) Lubricating oil should be added to the blade frequently to reduce the dry friction and excessive heat between the upper and lower blades
(6) The cutting edge and gap of the upper and lower blades are easy to hide dandruff, dust or other sundries. After each use, the small brush should be used to clean up the movement and sharpness of scissors due to the clipped hair crumbs and the curing of skin oil. Therefore, the sundries left on the cutting edge should be brushed frequently
(7) should not be in the shower or wet occasions to use electric scissors, also do not use warm hand plug (pull) plug, otherwise easy to get electric shock for the use of three core wire 220V power supply electric scissors, must ensure that the socket end of the grounding line and plug with good
(8) after use to cut off the power supply, in the upper and lower blade coated with anti-rust oil, the next use should be wiped off the lubricating oil if not used for a long time, should be coated with lubricating oil, and cover the protective cover, into the box for proper storage (9) should not use sprinkled essence, day that water or other volatile chemicals to wipe cleanUsing method and adjustment fault of electric push and shear