How to choose good hair clipper blades

- 2021-09-15-

Titanium ceramic cutter head
Alloy ceramic cutter head
Alloy knife plate

The alloy cutter head is subdivided into two kinds, namely thick cutter and thin cutter

It is divided into the following dimensions

1、 Service life

Alloy big knife plate > alloy ceramics > titanium ceramics

The hardness of metal is better than that of ceramic. When other conditions remain unchanged, the service life of metal is better than that of ceramic.

These three kinds of cutter heads are better on the market. It's best to choose these three when choosing.

2、 Cutter head temperature

Titanium ceramic > alloy ceramic > alloy big knife plate

After the test in our laboratory, it is started for 30 minutes. Under the same conditions, the highest temperature of the cutter head is titanium ceramic, followed by alloy ceramic, and finally alloy big knife plate.

The factors that determine the temperature are generally considered to be the following two

Cutter head area cutter head material


Reasons for the lowest temperature of alloy big knife plate

Because the metal area of the alloy big knife plate is large, the heat dissipation is fast and the temperature is low, the big knife plate is not easy to burn, and basically will not burn the scalp.

In addition, the cutter head material is also an important factor affecting the temperature.

Similar materials, the slower the temperature rises.

For example, alloy with alloy is not easy to get hot.

The alloy big blade head is not easy to burn

3、 Cutting force

Alloy blade > alloy ceramics > titanium ceramics.

The cutting force depends on the hardness of the cutter head

The cutting force determines whether to jam. The stronger the cutting force is, the less likely it is to jam.

I want to emphasize here

One reason why titanium is used as a cutter head is that titanium itself is an aerospace material, which is very expensive. It is mainly used here to prevent allergy, reduce the allergy of metal to some human bodies, and is more suitable for allergic constitution.

4、 Noise

The main factors affecting noise are

1. Cutter head material

2. Bit trimming

3. Surface smoothness of cutter head

4. Spring in cutter head

Under the same conditions, the noise level of different cutter head materials:

Alloy big knife plate > alloy ceramics > titanium ceramics

Fine adjustment of cutter head: the larger the fine adjustment is, the smaller the contact area between fixed cutter and moving cutter, and the smaller the noise generated in the friction process.

Smoothness degree of cutter head surface: the smoother the surface, the smaller the resistance and the smaller the noise.

Spring in the cutter head: the higher the vibration frequency of the spring, the greater the noise when other conditions remain unchanged