The working principle of the electric shavers

- 2021-09-10-

The electric shaver uses the motor to drive the moving blade to move relative to the fixed blade to cut the beard or hair entering the mesh.

The shaving effect is mainly determined by the coincidence accuracy between the fixed blade and the moving blade. It requires that the spherical radian of the fixed blade and the moving blade should be matched properly, and there should be a pressure distance of about 1mm and a certain shear angle between the two blades. The pressure distance is too small, shaving is not sharp, and there is a sense of hair pulling; If the pressure distance is too large, the power consumption is large, the blade is seriously worn, and a sharp abnormal sound will be sent out.

The fixed knife adopts mesh. Different manufacturers have different mesh patterns, but they can keep the fixed blade and moving blade at a certain shear angle, and make the hair entry rate high. The production process of fixed blade is different, and its use effect is also different. The fixed blade with stamping, corrosion and re stamping processing technology has poor sharpness, general skin feeling, less mesh change, rough lines and short service life. The fixed blade with electroforming, tensile grinding and stamping milling has good sharpness, comfortable skin feeling, fine lines and long service life.

The moving blades are evenly distributed on the moving blade holder, and the moving blade holder is required to have no obvious radial surface runout, so that the rotating balance of the moving blade holder can be maintained, and then the corresponding rotating speed can be matched to make the relative movement between the fixed blade and the moving blade in the best state of shaving, so that the purpose of shaving sharpness can be achieved regardless of the number of moving blades.