Different types of hair cutting shears

- 2021-09-03-

1.Structural flat shear
A flat cut is essential. The flat cut is fine and easy to control. The handle mainly adopts the movable rear tail and symmetrical hand shape, which is mainly used to trim the structural foundation of the hair style. As a novice hairdresser, you'd better choose a simple and practical classic flat scissors. The appearance should not be too fancy. The length between 5.0-6.0 inches is easy to control. As a class scissors, there is no need to choose too expensive scissors. Craftsman scissors with high cost performance are enough to meet your needs.

2.Tooth scissors
Tooth scissors are mainly used to remove excess hair, guide hair flow and create three-dimensional space inside hair. Tooth scissors are divided into many categories according to the size and tooth shape. Generally speaking, barbers need to prepare two tooth scissors; One with a small amount of hair removal is used to trim women's hair; A slightly larger one is suitable for trimming men's hair. But we don't recommend that hairdressers choose too much, which is not easy to control.

3. Sliding shear
Sliding scissors, also known as willow leaf scissors and Pangpang scissors, can be used as a method to remove hair volume, and can also be used to deal with the texture trend. They are often used in Japanese cutting. They are one of the necessary hairdressing scissors for hairstylists.

4. Warping shear
With the popularity of Japanese technology, warping scissors are more and more practical. They are often used to create air feeling, flow direction, beam feeling, thinning, etc. they are also one of the necessary scissors for modern hairstylists!