How to choose a good electric pet clippers

- 2021-09-03-

1.Look at the appearance. Whether the workmanship is rough, especially whether the joint parts of the upper and lower casings are tight. Whether the edges and corners have burrs.

2.High quality electric pet clippers will eliminate all rough styles and strive for excellence.The sound of high-quality electric pet clippers is very low, because its motor is specially designed for pets. Pets will feel very comfortable. The inferior electric pet clippers will produce a very harsh "chuck chuck" sound. Small animals will be frightened and do not cooperate with your actions, and even avoid and bite you because of fear.

3.Look at the gear at the cutter head. High quality electric pets clippers'gears are specially made for pets. The upper and lower gears are closely combined. The spacing of gears is very close, which is a very important point to prevent pets from being pinched.

4.Look at the number of gears at the cutter head. The denser the gear, the better. It's not easy to clip the pet's meat in the process of use. Conversely, the thinner the gear, the greater the chance of hurting the pets.The cost performance of products should be suitable for their purchase intention. Products such as electric pet clippers are not the cheaper the better, nor are they the more expensive the better.

5.Look at after-sales service. Excellent merchants will regard electric pushing and shearing as a long-term business project. Because the electric pet clippers is not a disposable product, its service cycle and service life are relatively long. Especially after many years, product accessories need to be updated.