How to clean an electric shaver

- 2021-08-10-

For a non-washable electric shaver, open the knife net, and use a small brush to clean the beard and dander in the blade and the gap, because it is easy to solidify and oily to breed bacteria over time. Then use a cotton swab to soak it in, wipe the inner and outer knife nets, and clean them carefully. Finally, the dry blade and the body are assembled. Put a little bit of maintenance oil on the outer knife net and it's good. The validity period of this method is about 1 week.
However, razors that can be washed all over the body are relatively more convenient to clean. At present, most new razors and razors support washing all over the body. When cleaning this kind of razor, you can directly eject the blade head and rinse the blade head and net cover. Of course, you don’t need to worry about getting water on the blade part. For the service life of the shaver, it is also recommended to regularly put some maintenance fluid on the shaver.
At present, most washable electric shavers on the market are divided into two types, one is partially washable, and the other is body washable. For electric shavers that support partial washing, remove the blade net and other washable parts after use and put them under the faucet for direct washing. After washing, wipe off the water and install them one by one. Remember, especially the place where the battery is installed and charging is not exposed to water, otherwise the shaver may be damaged.