How often do the shaver blades change

- 2021-08-04-

The manual shaver needs to be replaced after 5-7 times of use. The electric shaver can be used normally and can be replaced every 2-3 years.

After a male grows to a certain childbirth, it will affect the beauty of the beard due to the growth of the beard. Shave the beard in time. The self-propelled razor used to shave the beard can be divided into manual razors and electric razors. Two kinds.

Manual shaving consists of a cutter head, a blade and a turret. It is necessary to shave off the beard according to the growth and development of the beard.

Electric shavers are complicated internally, and the knives and manual shavers used have obvious effects. Electric shavers do not need to avoid shaving, but manual shavers will become dull after use and need to be replaced.