Which is better for baby electric hair clipper?

- 2021-08-04-

1. Be sure to choose a reliable quality hair clipper with poor quality, which can easily catch your baby's hair after a long time, which is very dangerous. Therefore, it is the first important thing to look for the brand of baby hair clippers
2. Pay attention to the appearance of the hair clipper to be bright in color and beautiful in shape, so that the baby will like it. Baby hair clippers will make babies fall in love with haircuts, and mothers no longer need to worry about their babies not having a haircut.
3. The waterproof function is not only to consider that the baby will throw the baby hair clipper into the water, but also to consider the issue of hygiene. Imagine that the cleaning work after the haircut is very important, so the baby hair clipper with waterproof function It can be easily cleaned up and shavings. 
4. The mute effect should be prominent. Generally, if the baby is getting a haircut, if the sound is too loud, it is easy for the baby to have a fear; therefore, it is best to adapt to the baby before the haircut after sleeping, so the hair clipper must be silent. 
5. Positioning function In order to quickly cut hair for children, it is a smart choice to buy a baby hair clipper with positioning function. Most of the children's hair clippers on the market now have a simple positioning function. It is recommended that you buy a baby hair clipper that can fix the hair length at will. This is convenient for parents to determine the length of the child's hair according to the season.
6. The knife head should be ceramic. Stainless steel knife head will still affect the rotation of the knife head due to rust for a long time, and it will easily hurt the baby. Therefore, it is best to choose ceramic knife head, although it is fragile.But it is cost-effective, has a longer service life, and has a sharper cutting force to avoid pinching the baby's hair.