Electric hair clippers purchase skills

- 2021-07-29-

1. Beautiful appearance, light weight, flexible operation, labor saving, low vibration and low noise.

2. The blade hardness is good, the cutting edge of the scissors is sharp, the cutting is light and free, and there is no hair pulling or pinching.

3. The moving range of the upper blade is not less than 1.5mm. The contact surface of the lower blade should be flat and smooth. The blade should have a variety of specifications such as coarse, medium, and fine.

4. The insulation of the electric clipper must be good and reliable, and there should be no leakage. At the same time, the full load is used for 8 minutes, closed for 4 minutes, and then used for 8 minutes. The temperature rise of the lower blade should not be higher than 15°C, and the temperature of the electromagnetic coil should not be higher than 65°C.

5. When in use, the noise should generally not be greater than 70dB, that is, it should not make people feel annoying.

6. It can also be used normally when the voltage fluctuates by 10%.

7. The surface of plastic and electronic parts should be bright and clean, without pitting, markings, bubbles, deformation, etc.

8. The gap between the upper blade and the casing should not exceed 0.75mm, the upper and lower blades should be neat and there should be no skew.

9. The back groove of the lower blade is vertical and clear, the tooth groove is centered, there is no gap or obvious defect, and the tooth tip should be smooth.

10. The surface of the metal parts (except the upper and lower blades) should have an anti-corrosion protective layer, and the coating should be fine and shiny. There should be no spots, pitting, pinholes, bubbles, shelling, and bottom exposure.