How to use an electric shaver correctly

- 2021-07-27-

1. After repairing the small scissors, use the razor
If you leave your beard too long before you shave, it is best to use a dual-purpose electric razor with a trimmer, or use small scissors to roughly cut your beard short, and then use the razor.
2. Draw a circle mobile electric shaver
After drying your face, it is best to use your fingers to tighten the facial skin slightly, then touch the skin in a direction at right angles to the beard, and then move the electric shaver in a circle.
3. Cleaning the electric shaver
Some electric shavers can reach level 7 waterproof, even if the machine is turned on and washed in water, there is no problem. In addition, if you want to install and remove the electric shaver, you must disconnect the power and stop the motor rotation or electromagnetic vibration Otherwise, there is a risk of being cut.
Fourth, disassemble the electric shaver
In order to maintain the performance of the battery, the shaver should be used within the ambient temperature of 0-40 ℃. If you plan to not use it for a long time, you should remove the dry battery for storage to avoid damage to internal parts due to leakage.
5. Wipe the electric shaver with lubricant
Apply a small amount of knife lubricant to the inner surface of the outer knife regularly, such as the inner knife support shaft or the rotating part of the motor spindle. When refueling, you can drop a small drop of oil on your finger, and then wipe the shaft, or use a small wooden stick to guide it. Drops, but pay attention to the amount of oil not too much.
6. Electric shaver charging When charging a rechargeable shaver, the switch should be placed in the off position, and then charged with a power source corresponding to the voltage. If it is not used for a long time after charging, it will discharge itself and reduce the electromotive force, so place three When a shaver older than one month needs to be used again, it should be recharged before use.