How to choose the right electric clippers

- 2021-07-27-

1. Listen to the sound
The sound of a good hair clipper is relatively low, and it is not irritating to use. If the sound is noisy, it is mostly a low-quality product, and there is no choice.
2. Look at the price
When choosing electric hair clippers, you should shop around, but in contrast, electric clippers with batteries are more expensive than those without batteries, and consumers can choose according to their actual needs.

3. Look at the weight

The lighter weight electric hair clippers are more flexible and labor-saving. Let's try the electric clippers in our hands. If it feels too heavy and easy to shake, it is recommended not to buy them.
4. Look at the edge
It is very important to look at the blade of an electric hair clipper. Generally, a good electric clipper will use a ceramic blade, because the blade of this material is very durable and can make the life of the clipper longer.
5. Look at the power
If the power of the electric clipper is not high enough, it is not convenient to use, and the hair cutting speed is not too fast. In theory, the greater the power of the electric clipper, the better. Of course, you still have to choose according to the actual situation. There is no need to pursue high power.
6. Pick the type
Electric hair clippers are divided into two types, one is plug-in type and the other is rechargeable. The plug-in power is large, but it is not convenient. The rechargeable type is more convenient, but the battery needs to be charged and maintained regularly, which is troublesome for daily maintenance. Relatively speaking, it is recommended that consumers buy plug-in electric clippers, because no matter whether they are portable or not, they will not be used a few times throughout the year.
7. Look at the appearance
It should be as close to square as possible, with edges, not cylindrical. The square body is comfortable to hold and not easy to slip. The cylindrical fader is prone to slipping and accidents, especially in the case of sweaty palms in summer, which makes it uncomfortable to hold.
8. Look at the brand
There are many manufacturers of electric hair clippers, and most of the products have the same performance. But for the convenience of future use and maintenance, we should try our best to choose products from big brands and manufacturers. Not only are the quality of the big-brand products guaranteed, but the after-sales service is also better.