How about rechargeable hair clippers?

- 2021-07-26-

Electric clippers are tools for haircuts and hairdressing. Electric hair clippers are generally divided into two types, one is plug-in type and the other is rechargeable.

The disadvantage of plug-in electric hair clippers is that it is pulled by a wire, which is particularly inconvenient, has large vibration and noise. The advantages are high power, light weight, higher cutting efficiency and cheaper than rechargeable ones.

The disadvantage of the rechargeable electric hair clipper is that it has a battery, the body is heavier, the power is generally low, and the battery life is not good, and it needs to be charged frequently. But its biggest advantage is that it is very flexible and has low noise.

In addition, the performance of different brands of electric hair clippers is quite different, so you can choose according to the cost performance.