What to pay attention to when using electric hair clippers

- 2021-07-23-

1. Before using the electric hair clipper, put 1-2 drops of white oil on the blade.

2. If the electric clipper is very hot during use, turn it off immediately, and wait for the blade and the body to cool down, check whether the electric clipper is faulty, and then use it again.

3. The continuous use time of electric hair clippers should not exceed 10 minutes to prevent damage to the machine or burns, so pay attention to intermittent use.

4. If the electric hair clipper makes a "da da" impact sound, remember to adjust the screw outwards, if the strength is insufficient, adjust it inward.

5. If the cutter head becomes blunt, it should be replaced with a new cutter head or electric clipper in time.

6. For trimming long hair, it is best to use manual scissors to cut the long hair short, and then use electric hair clippers to trim it.

7. When the electric hair clipper is noisy or the blade vibrates violently, loosen an ingot-shaped screw next to the electric clipper and check whether the pressing blade screw is too loose. If it is loose, tighten it properly. But don't press too tightly.

8. When installing and disassembling the electric hair clipper, be sure to turn off the power switch, otherwise, it will be easily cut.