Hair clipper maintenance

- 2021-07-23-

1. Maintenance of cutter head:
The hair clippers used in homes are basically waterproof. After finishing the hair, remove the cutter head, use the small brush that comes with the machine to sweep away the dandruff along the direction of the blade, and then clean the cutter head with water. After cleaning, be sure to wipe it dry to prevent rust. After the cutter head is completely dry, put a few drops of lubricating oil on the blade. Remember to replace the cutter head regularly.

2. Maintenance of the fuselage:

Use a small brush to clean the broken hairs on the motor head of the fuselage. Do not flush the motor head with water to prevent water from entering the fuselage. Do not use acidic substances to clean the fuselage, it is best to wipe the fuselage with a neutral lotion.

3. Battery maintenance:

In order to maintain the service life of the battery, it is best to fully charge it and then put it away after use. Under normal use, discharge the battery at regular intervals and recharge it again. If it is not used for a long time, recharge it at intervals.