How to use electric hair clippers

- 2021-07-22-

One. Operation method
1. Hold the middle and upper sides of the fader with the thumb and index finger of your right hand, and hold the rear right side and bottom of the electric fader with the remaining three fingers.
2. Rely on the strength of the wrist to make the electric hair clipper run, and at the same time work closely with the comb to cut hair.
3. It is forbidden to stagnate or sway the fader, otherwise the hair will be pushed into a recessed shape and the hair will become ugly.

Two, operating skills
1. The rolling of the electric scissors teeth is controlled by current. The high rolling speed causes the blade to vibrate, and the teeth sway from side to side. It is not easy to roll correctly. Therefore, the electric hair clipper must first firmly stabilize the blade to make the rolling The knife rolls the hair stably and correctly.
2. To master the correct rolling angle of the electric hair clipper, the hair rolling angle is to flatten the skin with the rolling knife first, and then keep a certain angle away from the skin to roll up the hair, so that the closed hair changes from short to long, forming layers and colors.
3. The speed of the elbow movement is compatible with the rolling speed of the rolling knife. The electric scissor teeth move faster, so the elbow movement should be moderate, not too fast or too slow, and the rolling should be even.