What are the types of electric hair clippers

- 2021-07-22-

1. Rechargeable electric hair clippers
This kind of hair clipper generally does not have a cord, but it is very flexible to operate, has a relatively small power, and the strength of the blade is relatively small. It is very suitable for young women to use by themselves, or for young mothers to use when giving a baby a haircut. Of course, the disadvantage of rechargeable electric clippers is that they need to use rechargeable batteries, so the working time is limited.

2. Plug-in electric  hair clippers

This kind of electric hair  clipper is corded, its power is very large, the blade strength is also very strong, and there is no need to worry about battery problems, so the use experience is very good. Of course, plug-in electric clippers also have a disadvantage, that is, their cord length is generally only 2.0-2.5 meters, and due to the limitation of cord length, it is not convenient to operate. But even so, plug-in electric hair clippers are still the favorite of countless barbers and hairdressers.