How to use the hair hair curling iron?

- 2021-07-08-

1. Open the hair curling iron and heat it to 160 degrees Celsius, you can perm elegant hair curls.

2. The appropriate temperature found through experiments can reduce the damage to the hair.

3. Comb your hair carefully and make sure that there is no protruding hair, otherwise the curls will not form.

4. The hair should be completely dry before the perm, and a heat-insulation protective agent should be applied to the hair.

5. The thermal protectant will form a protective film between the hair and the hair curling iron.

6. Grasp a strand of hair to be permed, open the hair curling iron and place it on top of the hair.

7. Keep the hair curling iron open, clamp your hair in the hair curling iron for ten seconds, and repeat until the hair is curled up.