Different types of hair clippers

- 2022-11-09-

There are different hair clippers on the market with varying features. While some will be suitable for your hair type and desired hairstyle, others will not be your ideal choice. They include:

Detachable blade clipper

This is the most powerful hair clipper on the market today. It has removable and replaceable blades that you can remove for sharpening and replacement. The clipper also has blades of different gauges that range from 3 ¾ to 00000. You can change these blades depending on the length of hair you need to leave on your skin. The smaller the gauge, the shorter the hair left on your skin. This type of hair clipper has a powerful motor that cuts through long, thick, and wet hair effectively.

Adjustable clipper
This is another popular type of hair clipper. It features a lever on one side of the handle that adjusts the blade length. Once you open the lever, the blade cuts the hair longer and shorter once you close it. It also has plastic attachments referenced with numbers from one to five. The attachments also cut your hair to a longer length depending on the length of the index. However, although the plastic attachments can cut any hair type, they are best suited for thin and dry hair.

T-blade trimmer
The name of these clippers gives away their appearance. It has a blade at the top that sticks out from both sides for the handle to form a T-shape. Since it is very powerful, only use it to cut shorter and thinner hair. It is best suited for cleaning hair edges and cutting line designs.