Complete Pet Grooming Kit

Complete Pet Grooming Kit

Complete Pet Grooming Kit - 7 Essential Grooming Tools for Cats, Dogs, and more. Powerful Pet Vacuum and Adjustable Clippers.

Product Detail

🐶Seven heads for what you need:
2 cleaning heads for daily hair cleaning, long suction head perfect for sofas and crevices; the flat suction head is used for cleaning carpets, textiles, or dog paws;
2 beauty brush heads for immaculate dog grooming, a floating brush to remove flowing hairs, and a knot brush to deal with tough hair knots
3 hairdressing and beauty heads to solve pet shaving problems: electric clipper for whole body shaving, foot hair knife for partial trimming, nail polisher for nail grinding, and equipped with 5 different size limit combs, anyone can quickly learn to groom

 🐱All functions can be used while vacuuming. Don’t worry about hair getting everywhere again. The 1.5L large-capacity dust box + excellent air duct design is 100% larger than other peers. , reduce the number of dumping the garbage.
🐶Quieter than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Dogs won’t be afraid of the 60dB vacuuming sound.

🐱2 Years Warranty

Question: Does it remove enough hair that there is less shedding? I have a yellow lab and he is constantly shedding

Answer: Yes, it can provide grooming and vacuum all at once.

                                                                           By OneisallOfficial SELLER on November 4, 2022

Question: Will this work for a sanitary trim on a long-haired Persian mix cat?
Answer: I loved the different attachments. That guide the falling hair right into the vacuum. I have a Himalayan Persian and I completely shaved him bald. So easy to use and super clean

By Salvador on November 3, 2022

Question: How does this work on a Husky?
Answer: We have a husky and it works very well. It sucks the hair as you groom the pet. It is a blessing!

By Susan on November 3, 2022

Question: Can you use it to vacuum the carpet?
Answer:  Yes, it comes with a cleaning brush. I use this brush clean pet hair and dust on coats, low-pile carpets,

By ThomasJBad on Novem

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