Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006

Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006

Professional ceramic clipper blades 2 hole blade ceramic clipper replacement blades with Gold steel blade for Wahl Senior cordless Clipper(White + Gold Blade). Welcome to buy the Daer Beauty® Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006 from our factory.

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China Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006 Manufacturers, Suppliers

· Fit your multiple demand:The Daer Beauty®  Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006. The 1006 2 Hole senior blade for Wahl is designed to fit the Wahl Professional Super Taper #8400, Super Taper II #8470-500, Icon #8490-900 Pro Basic, Taper 2000 #8472-850, the 5 Star Senior #8545 and Magic Clip #8451, and the Sterling 3, Sterling 9 #8145, and Reflections Senior #8501

· Professional commercial grade for all animals: 1mm-3mm lengths replacement blade for your clipper. It attaches with ease and easy to maintain as well provides an even and clean hair cutting option

· Ideal for clipping and trimming all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses, and large animals with thick, matted, and coarse coats; works effectively for complete shave downs, full body clipping, and show cuts


· Easy Installation: Move blade adjustment to full forward position, position the small top blade over the clipper drive finger, then place large bottom blade on top of small top blade. Replace the screws and partially tighten. Make sure the extreme left hand tooth of top blade must be on the first small tooth of bottom blade. After blade is aligned, tighten screws. Turn switch on and off a couple of times and then check alignment of blades

· 7/24 Customer Service: Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006. All products from BESTBOMG are covered with friendly warranty without any other costs needed. Fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service to solve your problems within 24 hours



Color:White + Gold Blade

Advanced Ceramic Blade
The Daer Beauty® Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006
Compatible Device Examples:
Fits all Wahl Corded and Cordless Clippers Including:
WAHL Professional: Super Taper, Super Taper II. Icon, Pro Basic, and Taper 2000
WAHL 5-Star: 5 Star Senior

Benefits: Advanced ceramic technology makes our ceramic blade 5X sharper
Lasts 5X longer
Stays 5X cooler
-Animal Clippers Blades 2 Hole (1mm-3mm) #1006-

Made from a high-tech ceramic material to stay sharper longer. Heat resistant for a cooler and more comfortable cutting. Rockwell Hardness rating of 78.

This replaces the small moving cutter blade.
Can also be used to upgrade steel blades to ceramic blades.


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